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Frog skin leather Australia

Frog Skin Leather

Marino Leather Exports, an Australian exotic leather company, is a world leader in the production and wholesale of amphibian leather and frog skin leather products. All our frog skin leather is produced to the highest standards by skilled taxidermists and leatherworkers. leads the world in the production and innovative use of this wonderful novelty leather.

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Frog Leather Products

We also wholesale novelties made from amphibian leather that make fantastic Australian souvenirs and gifts with attitude!

Amphibian leather products first caught the public's eye when a cane toad leather bound book was given to Prince Charles by the then Premier of Queensland. Cane toad leather being added to the Royal Library of Winsor Castle greatly increased the popularity of all amphibian leather products around the world.

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Amphibian Leather Frog Purse

One of our most popular novelty products are frog coin purses made from amphibian leather. With or without legs attached, they make fantastic Australian souvenirs and kitschy gifts. The frog purse – or amphibian leather coin purse - fit snug in your pocket and have a keyring conveniently attached.

Amphibian leather is strong and versatile. Our coin purses and bags come with information cards and are perfect products for impulse buyers. All our cane toad products are proven market sellers and are easy to post overseas.

Frog purse Australia

Plain Crust Frog Skin Leather

Plain crust frog skin leather is frog skin that has been tanned into leather, then dried and pegged out flat. This is so customers can work with the frog skin leather and dye it for their own purposes. Vegetable and chrome chemicals are used in processing, the chrome producing a blueish/grey colouring and the vegetable chemicals producing a light, beige tint.

Our processing produces frog skin leather that is not only visually appealing, but durable and very strong.
Frog skin leather and cane toad leather are very different. Frog skin leather does not have the same raised wart textures of toad skin.

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