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Cane Toad Souvenirs

Marino Leather Exports, an Australian exotic leather company, is a world leader in the production and wholesale of unique cane toad souvenirs and Australiana souvenirs.

All our cane toad leather is produced to the highest standards by skilled taxidermists and leatherworkers. Because of this's products are sold worldwide and enjoyed by huge numbers of people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Cane Toad is unique character across northern Australia. Introduced from Hawaii, the cane toad has since become an environmental pest and it's eradication is heavily promoted. Here at Marino Leather Exports, we are turning this environmental pest into unique and desirable leather products and cane toad souvenirs!

Australiana Souvenirs

Visitors to Australia invariably seek unique, local souvenirs to take home with them to loved ones. Our range of wholesale Australiana souvenirs covers not only our well-known cane toad leather products but other Australian leather products including frog skin leather, kangaroo leather and much more.

Speak to us about our wholesale pricing and add the unique Aussie appeal of our cane toad and Australiana leather souvenirs to your range today.

Click here to contact us for more information about our Australiana and cane toad souvenirs.

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