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Cane Toad Leather Products Australia

Cane Toad Leather Products

Cane Toad Skin Products

Marino Leather Exports manufacture unique, wholesale gifts in Australia made from cane toad leather.

Our cane toad leather products and novelties range is extensive and make great gifts Australia wide and worldwide. The Cane Toad leather products range from small coin purses and shoulder bags to hats, sun visors, toad skin key rings and golf gifts.

Surprise a friend or relative and send them a souvenir cane toad leather gift from Australia. Products made from toad skin make unique, fun gifts for birthdays, Father's Day gifts, Christmas and all grandparents should have one in their pocket!

Unique Cane Toad Leather Product Novelties

Our toad skin leather products make durable, trendy gifts from Australia. Cane toad skin is strong and versatile. Thanks to the tanning process, the rubbery toad skin is turned into a very attractive, unique looking leather.

Our Australian Gifts Are Manufactured to the Highest Standards

All our Australian souvenirs gifts are manufactured to the highest standards from genuine cane toads. The Cane Toad is classed as a major environmental pest so no certificate or customs clearance is needed when sending these gifts to other countries. If you are a retailer of gifts from Australia, you will see why our toad skin novelties are top selling gifts. They are proven market sellers which are impulse buying where the gross ugliness works as an attractant to come closer and the sale soon follows.

Animal Taxidermy - Crocodile Goods

We offer selected crocodile taxidermy, handbags and leathergoods.

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